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Use Tana as a Holistic Second Brain to live a meaningful, impactful life.

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About Me

Who is Fis?

Hello, I'm Fis.

A Brazilian guy, apprentice of life, deeply curious, highly ambitious, and oddly optimistic.

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science, but I decided to become a digital creator.

This means you can find both writings about PKM and  also academic papers.

But most importantly...

You will find ideas (and even templates) about building powerful Second Brain systems in Tana.

I'm deeply passionate about cultivating a healthy balance between technology and nature, and I even think Tana can help us with that.

I've spent thousands of hours studying the intersection of 4 major topics:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Systems Thinking
  • Personal Growth


My goal is to bring these topics together to inspire people to live a holistic, connected, meaningful, and productive life.

Tana High-Performance Second Brain

New Tana Template!

A Holistic Methodology and Template for Tana.

Tana High-Performance Second Brain is an innovative approach to manage your entire life in Tana.

Make ideas flow through your Second Brain. Easily connect different systems in your Life.

Have a clear direction in life. Plan and Review years, quarters, months, weeks, and days.

Improve your Execution with Notes Management, Projects, Tasks and Content Creation.

The Fis Letter

Where to Start Reading?


What are people saying?


I love the template! This template comprises a framework that sets itself apart from others unlike anything else I've encountered. It is interconnected and structured more like we think, which captures the essence and intent of the methodologies developed by people like Tiago Forte or David Allen.

Sky Stout

I have two favourite newsletters:

1. @FisFraga is the unique newsletter I take notes on. We partially agree on many topics, so it triggers me to write about it. 2. @rezzz seems to read my mind and send me just the email I need at the time I need it. I would like that superpower.

Bianca Pereira

This is an extremely well-written newsletter.

You created a solid foundation for readers and poured golden nuggets about the second brain in very simple language.

I am already looking forward to the next.

Vinod Sharma

Fis' newsletter is definitely one of my favorites! Always high quality and full of useful stuff!

Angie Bowen

Love what you're doing and your newsletter is dope as f***.

Thanks for sharing all your magic dude.

Zlatko Bijelic

Use Tana as a Holistic Second Brain to live a meaningful, impactful life.

Join +450 ambitious Tana users who are seeking more meaningful and productive lives using a Second Brain in Tana, powered with AI.

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I'm always looking to grow my network, as I love to connect with bright and like-minded people.

Please reach out if you’d like to connect, chat, ask me a question, send a suggestion, or anything else.

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