A Second Brain System.

Where everything is Interconnected.

Use a Holistic PKM methodology designed speficially for Tana.

And customize it to your specific needs.

👀 Are you looking for a fluid and connected way to use Tana?

Do you want a fluid and connected Second Brain in Tana, but can't build it from scratch?

Maybe you're tired of dealing with Tana's complexity all by yourself.

Or you're missing a trusted structure to easily use Tana.

Maybe you just can't find the right methodology to make things work.

Either way, it's not your fault.

Tana is super powerful, but in order to truly unlock 🔓🔑 Tana's power, you need a solid understanding of two components:

  1. Tana's Features (and Data Structure).
  2. Knowledge Management Principles.

⏳ But there's a challenge here...

Learning this takes a lot of time.

Probably months of study and work. And I understand you do not have time to do this yourself.

Especially because I know you're looking for solution with extreme quality.

That's exactly where Tana Holistic Second Brain comes in.

Think and Work in a Fluid and Connected Way.

What to expect from Tana Holistic Second Brain System.

Make #ideas flow through your Second Brain. Easily connect different systems in your Life.
Improve your Execution with Notes Management, Projects, Tasks and Content Creation.
Use 🕸️ Mechanisms of Retrieval to always find your #notes when it's time to execute your work.
Have a clear direction in life. Plan and Review years, quarters, months, weeks, and days.
Consistently get into Flow by using several Flow Triggers built into the Methodology and the Template.
Be organized and USE your notes with an action-oriented Knowledge Management system.

Who is this System for?

Managers, entrepreneurs, and small teams.

All-in-one solution for OKRs, tasks, projectsdeliverables, meetings.

Creators, freelancers and knowledge workers.

Take notes and assign them to projects or contents you will create.

You handle Work and Personal Life in Tana.

Organize and separate projects, areas, and topics by life & business.

You are a Tana enthusiast. 

Use or study a fluid, interconnected Supertag System to adapt your own.


I love the template! This template comprises a framework that sets itself apart from others unlike anything else I've encountered. It is interconnected and structured more like we think, which captures the essence and intent of the methodologies developed by people like Tiago Forte or David Allen.

Sky Stout

What exactly is this 'System' ?

Tana Holistic Second Brain is an innovative approach to manage your entire life in one single place: Tana.

It presents a Holistic Second Brain Methodology to manage your life in a totally interconnected way, and a Tana Template to bring the methodology to life with Tana's incredible ability to connect and organize information.

Together, they act like a Life Operating System (Life OS).

A Life OS is a holistic picture of your life. A map where your life's areas and systems are kingdoms, and the roads are the connections between them.

Life emerges from the interactions between these different kingdoms, and a very powerful realization is that you can control how these systems (kingdoms) interact with each other.

Tana Holistic Second Brain System is an attempt to connect the different areas of your life in a creative, productive and meaningful way. It's a twist to transform your Tana workspace into a powerful living system where your ideas flow with ease, you can retrieve anything and you consistently get work done.

Tana is a vehicle to live a purposeful, organized and impactful life.

It's not only a productivity tool, but also one to seek growth, fulfillment, and consistent progress.

The Methodology

The methodology proposes a holistic approach, where areas of your life are connected, and cycles dictate the rhythm of life.

The first one is the Holistic Second Brain Cycle.

A purposeful way to manage your life and knowledge, going beyond projects, areas, and book notes.

This Cycle is divided into 4 stages:

  1. 1. 🔭 Vision
  2. 2.📘 Plan
  3. 3. ⚔️ Execute
  4. 4. 🧭 Review

You always start with a 🔭Vision. And always finish by looking back at both your progress and how it's aligned with your initial vision (🧭Review).

This provides you with 🌿 Fulfilment.

And in the middle of the cycle, that's where the ACTION happens and 📈Outputs are generated.

You 📘 Plan years, months, and weeks, and ⚔️Execute on them.

And since Execution is the most important stage...

The System comes with a very special Methodology for the ⚔️Execution stage.

The CORE Cycle.

Tiago Forte's frameworks, CODE and PARA were specifically adapted to Tana, to make the most of Tana's Supertags, and powerful data structure.

The main result is the CORE Cycle. The #note supertag comes with a built-in data structure to retrieve notes exactly when you need them.

Retrieve your notes when working on projects, writing a piece of content, or managing your business as usual.

The Template

The Template is made up of Hubs that represent major life categories. Each Hub has Searches and Dashboards to help you manage different types of knowledge.

All the Hubs are internally connected so that important information appears exactly when you need it.

Each Hub represents a system in your life, and are all present somehow in the diagrams described above.

The template is made up of 80+ Supertags, 140+ Fields, 30+ AI Commands, and 20+ Supertag Dashboards. These are all distrubuted across the Hubs, and help you create and move data from one place to another in Tana.

In summary, Tana Holistic Second Brain is a living system, a Life OS in Tana, to help you make sense of life's complexity, by adopting a holistic approach to life.

This interconnected system is a result of hundreds of hours designing and building this template, and thousands more learning about tools like Tana, and researching about Knowledge Management and AI for my Master's Thesis.

But, of course, you don't need all of this!

You can download the System now and start using it immediately.

What's included with the Purchase:

Template with 80+ Supertags, 30+ AI Commands, 140+ Fields, and 20+ Dashboards. 

Note-centric Methodology to create your Second Brain, adapted for Tana's features.

A Guide with video tutorials showing why and how to use each feature in the template. (Under Construction)

Ongoing Support inside Circle Community to learn, ask questions, share resources.

Get access to an AI chatbot trained to answer questions about Tana and the Template.

Community for entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders striving for positive Impact using Tana.

Secure an exclusive massive discount when I launch the Tana Decoded course.

After purchasing the System, you have 15 days to ask for a refund.

The Template's Features

🎣 Retrieve Notes with an adapted PARA

Always find your #notes.

The methodology uses a note-centric approach to Knowledge Management. Every important knowledge is a #note.

The #note Supertag comes with Mechanisms of Retrieval to send your notes to important places.

Organize with ease and always find everything.

Side by Side of 1 Area Notes and 1 Project Notes

🤾‍♂️ Action-oriented Projects

Work on a Projects with power and ease.

The #project Supertag comes with a Project Dashboard that propels you to Action and brings together everything you need to work on a Project.

All Notes about the Project, the Deliverables you need to finish, Tasks you need to execute, Decisions you've made and more.

Use your Notes to make progress.

🏡 Manage Areas Deliberately

Keep track of all your Areas in life.

The #area Supertag comes with a Dashboard to find your #notes, #tasks and more.

But there's more!

Areas become Deliberate Areas, with a place to define your  #vision, #purpose and #strategies for important Areas in life.

🗺️ Planning in Multiple Horizons

OKRs and Weekly Plan

Plan using multiple time horizons.

Plan any period. Years, quarters, months, weeks and days. Be prepared and always know what your next objectives are.

The #plan Supertag has relationships defined to other #plans, #objectives, #wins and is connected to other parts of the Template, for you to easily plan your next actions.

Always be in control.

🕸️ AI Topics as Resources

The next evolution of Resources is here.

AI Topics are now your companion to find notes according to Topics that you are interested in.

Create a list of #topics in and AI will add #topics from this list to your #notes, #links, #quotes, and #content.

Create an extra layer to always find your notes.

🎤 Audio Notes come with 🪄 AI Magic

Talk straight into your Second Brain.

Use 6 types of #audio notes with custom AI Commands to extract, analyze, tag, plan, generate, and structure your notes.

Extract specific types of knowledge from #audio notes and add tags automatically for #tasks, #reflections, #ideas for content creation, #ideas for brainstorm sessions, and more.

Speak with Tana Capture, and let AI do the rest.

Get Access to the System Now

Purchase the Tana Holistic Second Brain System.


Tana Holistic Second Brain

Here's everything you'll get...
Holistic Tana Template
30+ AI Commands
85+ Supertags
Second Brain Methodology
Tutorial Videos Workspace
Access to Circle Community
Exclusive Tana AI Chatbot
Monthly Q&A Sessions
15-day Money Back Guarantee

Scholarship Discount Available

I have received massive support from the PKM Community and one of my priorities is to repay the kindness that I have received over the years.

If you are a scholar, or can't afford the workshop at the current price, get in touch using the following button to send me an email to share your background and apply for a discount to the Tana Holistic Second Brain.

About Fis Fraga

Let's get familiar with each other!

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science, but I decided to become a digital creator.

My name is Felipe, but I'm better known as Fis. For more than 20 years now.

At that time, I was already an extremely curious child, but also very shy. My thoughts and emotions were always much more intense than my ability to process them, and because of that, I couldn't handle social situations very well.

Luckily though, I've always been a savvy thinker, interested and gifted in math, logic, sciences, and pretty much anything that involved rapid processing of information. This led me to develop multiple interests over time, and took me on a learning journey.

I am very intense in my pursuit for knowledge and understanding. I have always been.

More recently, this has led me to study the art and science of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) as a means to make sense of the complexity of everything I wanted to understand.

For over 3 years, I have dedicated myself religiously to learn about PKM, and then build PKM Systems.

I've done everything; from studying (a lot), implementing systems, using them, not using them, changing tools, and making mistakes; to coaching clients, writing a 160-page master's thesis about adding AI to PKM Systems, teaching the Building a Second Brain Methodology to 300+ people, becoming the project manager of BASB in Brazil, traveling alongside Tiago Forte for 10 days in Brazil, and finally, now... building this template.

I won't lie, I've arrived at a very interesting place, and I learned a lot in the process.

But it was not always easy.

At a given moment in 2022, I was going through an awful period, including no financial income, no tangible progress, lack of confidence, and a knowledge management system that was falling to pieces. Picture this: for my master's thesis I had developed an AI algorithm to automatically create connections with Readwise highlights, and navigate them seemingly using Obsidian (and now, Tana), but even so, I wasn't seeing results.

I had a fantastic system for Knowledge Management.

But even that didn't stop me from feeling super frustrated with how much progress I was having.

You see, I had an amazing Knowledge Management, but was lacking Action Management. I could navigate all my knowledge, which made me super knowledgeable, but I was frequently procrastinating, overwhelmed, or insecure.

I was not converting knowledge into action and progress.

⏩️ Fast-forward to the future, up to October 2023:

Now, I've been using Tana for 10+ months, and I'm more productive than I've ever been in my entire life. I've become one of the first Tana Ambassadors and one of the first Facilitators to teach Tiago Forte's methodology, Building a Second Brain.

In 2023, I've launched The Fis Letter, my personal bi-weekly (or so) letters, and recently, an online Magazine called Collider with my friends Andrew and Bianca. And now, this awesome Template you're looking at right now.

On top of that, I'm also working as Project Manager for Tiago Forte, to bring his methodology Building a Second Brain to my home country, Brazil, having already executed a highly successful book launch in Brazil, and preparing to launch his course in Portuguese.

I won't lie. This is a lot to manage.

But so far I have been able to handle everything. Definitely not without mistakes, but I’m absolutely not lacking progress anymore.

Part of that is because of Tana, but the other part is because I've heavily improved my system since last year. I've managed to create a simple and effective workflow that I can use regularly to always support my pursuits and to avoid overwhelm.

And I'm about to share it all with you.

Stop losing your notes and time.

Finish your most important projects with Tana Holistic Second Brain.